Exciting magic

You may have heard the idea of having your “breath taken away.”
When you experience something new and exciting, whether child or adult, it absorbs you entirely.
We take that excitement and pack it into our apps.

The goal: Letting players create what they want

Most of our apps are like open sandboxes.
There is no “correct” way of playing them.
It is up to you to decide how to play. That’s much more fun, isn’t it?
We create fun and exciting spaces that you will want to get busy playing in.
It’s up to you whether to play there, and it’s up to you how you go about it.
You might use your curiosity, have a goal in mind, focus on bringing it to fruition and experience the joy of accomplishment, or use trial and error to consider new approaches. We continue to make interesting and fun spaces for play with the goal in mind that the player can have rich experiences and grow through them.

For the children

We create our apps for children everywhere, and for adults who are young at heart.
We begin by developing everything from the vantage point of the player and their curiosity.
Next, we consider the people giving these tools to others — for example, Moms and Dads — and incorporate their needs into the apps.

Energy and healing

Adults and children alike experience stress every day. Those in preschool or kindergarten may experience the frustration of not always having things go their way.
In this way, our children are hard at work each day. We have seen firsthand how their eyes light up when they play with our apps, which are an occasion both for relaxation and learning.
Apps are a uniquely private experience in which the user can engage fully with content.
That’s why we use our special “exciting magic” to lend energy and healing to the experience.

Leveraging the strengths of the smartphone

We all know that picture books work best on paper rather than on a screen.
Rather than having images moving onscreen, it’s best to let the child use their own imagination.
Instead of a speaker reciting text, it’s better to have Mom or Dad read to a child.
That’s why we don’t make our apps replacements for books — instead, we leverage the strengths of the smartphone to create something unique.
Using intuitive wording and functionality that anyone can use, we continue to refine our apps into smooth, functional experiences.